Combine IRA Tax Advantages with Harvest Returns Investments

Harvest Returns focuses on allowing you to grow your wealth with passive income-producing agriculture. This is a real asset that provides passive income and a hedge against inflation, and it’s an attractive investment for a diversified portfolio. Harvest Returns also assist farmers and ranchers in need of capital by join in as a silent equity partner along with the landowner, thus allowing the landowner to make the decisions about how the funds are used on their land.

New Direction Trust Company specializes in providing accounts for all of your alternative IRA investments. You, the IRA holder, make the investment decisions: select the assets, negotiate the terms, and direct your IRA funds to close the deal. New Direction Trust Company makes sure the paperwork substantiates that the asset is within your IRA, and therefore deserves the tax benefits associated with the account type. They do not, however, give tax, legal, or investment advice.

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Open an IRA account with New Direction Trust Company. If you have a 401(k) with a previous employer or an existing IRA, you can transfer or rollover your funds without paying taxes or penalties. It is that simple.

Decide on your IRA's Investment with Harvest Returns

You return documentation to New Direction Trust Company in order to make investment with Harvest Returns.

Your IRA funds that Investment

At your direction, New Direction Trust Company sends funds from your IRA to Harvest Returns's offering and holds the investment on behalf of your account.

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