Shaking Hands

Interested in opening up a new stream of capital? IRAs are eligible to invest in your startup just like an individual can. By posting your offering with RedCrow, you can also elect to allow any IRA investors into your fund. Oftentimes, this can mean making two investors out of one individual: themselves with their personal money and their IRAs.

What sponsors will need to do:

Why Did RedCrow choose New Direction Trust Company?

While every retirement account has the capabilities to invest in private offerings, not all companies are built to handle private assets, which is where companies like New Direction Trust Company come in.

New Direction Trust Company is a leader in the landscape of self-directed IRAs. With 15 years in business, we hold 17,000 accounts and $2.0 Billion assets under administration. We have long maintained our status as an industry leader in client services and technology, but are now integrating with our business partners (Redcrow, in this instance) in order to make online transactions much simpler for our partners and account holders.

With all of the technological capabilities now at hand, we would like to invite you to join the team of companies accepting IRA investors!

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