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Your IRA or HSA can purchase Worthy Bonds as an investment!

The IRS allows an IRA (whether Traditional or ROTH, SEP or SIMPLE) or HSA to acquire a variety of private assets while keeping the tax benefits associated with that account type. The ability of your IRA or HSA to invest in Worthy Bonds, 5% interest bearing SEC qualified bonds, purchased in $10 increments, gives you the opportunity to make the returns that you want and pay less tax on those returns.

Investing in private bonds with your IRA may sound unfamiliar since most IRA providers only allow account holders to purchase publicly traded securities as investments. However, Worthy Bonds are allowable assets for your retirement account, as long as your account is with an IRA custodian that services “alternative” investments. New Direction Trust Company (NDTCO) specializes in IRAs and HSAs that invest in Worthy Bonds.

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Open & Fund Your IRA

Open an IRA account with New Direction Trust Company. Fund that account with a rollover, transfer, and/or contribution. A 401(k) at a previous employer or an existing IRA can be transferred or rolled over without tax or penalty. It is that simple.


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NDTCO sends funds to Worthy

New Direction Trust Company sends cash from your IRA to Worthy according to the authorization you give on the NDTCO account application.

Your IRA cash purchases Worthy Bonds

Your earnings can be reinvested with Worthy, earning interest on your interest, or sent back to your NDTCO account as they grow.

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